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Full Version Mahadev

Everyone knows various puranas give different versions of the same story. We all are matured enough to accept what appeals to us & not bother about the other. Comparing various versions as per Shaivite & Vaishnavite, or comparing both in any manner is not allowed.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted. Cultural adaptation of the English version of the CLDQ was performed, and a Malay version was developed following standard forward-backward translation by independent native speakers. Psychometric properties of both versions were determined by assessing their internal consistency, test-retest reliability and discriminant and convergent validity.

Results: Cronbach's alpha for internal consistency across the various domains of the CLDQ was 0.95 for the English version and 0.92 for the Malay version. Test-retest analysis showed excellent reliability with an intraclass correlation coefficient of 0.89 for the English version and 0.93 for the Malay version. The average scores of both the English and Malay versions of the CLDQ demonstrated adequate discriminant validity by differentiating between non-cirrhosis (English 6.3, Malay 6.1), compensated cirrhosis (English 5.6, Malay 6.0) and decompensated cirrhosis (English 5.1, Malay 4.9) (p

Results from a statistically designed experiment studying the effects of initial substrate temperature (A), precursor pulse time (B), diluent gas flow rate (C), and their interactions on film properties of programmed rate chemical vapor deposited aluminum are presented. Deposition rate, reflectivity, absolute and normalized roughness, and grain orientation were the response variables investigated. A two level, three factor (23) full factorial experimental design was used. Five center cell replicates were used to estimate cell standard deviations. The experiments were conducted using tri-isobutyl aluminum (TIBA) as the precursor in a lowpressure chemical vapor deposition (LPCVD) cold wall reactor. Effects were considered significant at the 95% confidence level. Initial substrate temperature (A) affected deposition rate and reflectivity. Diluent gas flow rate (C) affected deposition rate, normalized roughness and film texture. The precursor pulse time/diluent gas flow rate interaction (BC) affected film reflectivity and absolute surface roughness, while the initial substrate temperature/diluent gas flow rate interaction (AC) affected film texture.

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