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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Ethan Murphy
Ethan Murphy

Phi Phinalizer Music

X-Dream - We Interface -> leaving the boundaries of common psytrance - and i like listening to each of their albums since there's a clear development into something which never existed before in electronic music

Phi Phinalizer Music

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Ypsilon5 - Binary Sky - Yes! This album has GOA written all over it! Well, not literally but.. I think this is the most GOA sounding, 2004 album I've heard all year, and its good, real good! This album reminds me of those lush waves of beautiful sounds and melodies from some of the earlier and final days of really good, great GOA music! If you liked Astral Projections earlier work in the mid-late 90's, RA - To Series, and this years very well done Electronic Universe album, I think it would be pretty difficult to not like this one! B+

Synsun: Symphonic adventure - One of the most melodic '04 albums! There are several very, VERY catchy songs which remind me of some of the goa-ish layers of melodies that seem to be so lacking or less epic in todays psytrance music. The second and last track especially I consider something very cool and special sounding. B

Juno Reactor - Labyrinth - Ahhh... yes. Its here! JR's first main album since their last album, Shango came out in 2000! Here's group that has always managed to juggle multiple types of electronic and non-electronic music, while just about always sounding totally catchy, involving tribal beats, drums, female voices, chants, etc. I like most of the tracks on this new album, although like most people, I've heard two of the nine tracks before on The Matrix sequels & soundtracks and I was originally hoping for all new songs since its been so long since JR's last release. The Mono Lisa Overdrive track on Labyrinth has more sound layers and actual, multiple female voices, as opposed to the version on the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack. I appreciate both versions for different reasons. This album starts off really well too. Although I've heard Nevras on the Matrix Revolutions soundtrack, it truly is one hell of a very cool, epic track! Also, the darker songs really compliment the lighter songs, such as the opening track; very peaceful, very calm... then bang! It begins! B


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