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Dirty Pics Of Actors

In 2022, the dancer and actor released a memoir titled "Out of the Corner," in which she shared behind-the-scenes details of filming "Dirty Dancing," the nose job that almost ruined her career, and past engagements to actors Matthew Broderick and Johnny Depp.

Dirty Pics Of Actors


Suryakanth's younger brother Ramakanth is a fanboy of Silk and starts to befriend her. Silk develops a liking for him, after she realizes that he is the first man who loves her for more than just her body and sex appeal. At an awards ceremony Silk is praised for her performance but is insulted by Suryakanth who tells her that she is nothing more than everyone's "dirty secret". Hurt by his remarks, Silk announces that she will continue to make her "dirty pictures" and that she has no qualms in doing so. She begins to spend more time with Ramakanth and becomes the focus of tabloid gossip after noted journalist Naila criticises Silk for having a romantic relationship with both brothers. To avoid a scandal, and also to get revenge, Suryakanth drops Silk from his forthcoming films, forcing her to work with smaller, unknown filmmakers. She loses interest in her work and begins to feel threatened by a younger aspiring actress, Shakeela. During a dance challenge, she intentionally trips Shakeela, much to the embarrassment of Ramakanth who then decides to end their relationship.

Kapoor has gone on record to add, "I would be surprised if I don't get unbelievable critical acclaim for The Dirty Picture and a national award for my actress, Vidya Balan. The film has one of the most well-written scripts I have come across and a lot of youngsters in my office have looked at it with great admiration."[14] She pointed out that the purpose of the film was neither to justify nor criticise Smitha's life but for the audience to live her life.[14] Additionally, all actors, including Balan and Shah attended workshops for almost two months before filming began, to familiarise themselves with the body language of their characters.[16]

When screenwriter Rajat Aroraa initially started working, taking cues from producer Kapoor, the scope of the film was much smaller, primarily looking back to the soft-pornography scene of the 1980s. As work progressed, the scope gradually widened to include the controversial romances of Smitha through a fictionalised biopic.[18] While researching for the film, director Luthria and screenwriter Aroraa found little material in magazines of that period, as "women like Silk Smitha were often ignored by film magazines, except for gossip column mentions".[18] Thus they derived many of the details of her life from anecdotes and party gossips, and then fictionalised them. Apart from depicting the pomp of the Telugu/Tamil film industry, the screenplay takes up issues such as money management by actors, "their string of broken relationships", and the way they "led lonely lives and met with tragic ends".[18] For inspiration, instead of looking at South Indian films of the period, the team turned to the work of mainstream Bollywood directors like Manmohan Desai, Vijay Anand, Raj Kapoor, Feroz Khan and G.P. Sippy. To put the global soft-porn industry in context, the team looked into Boogie Nights (1997) and The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996). The final script became a "fictionalised, women-oriented, generalised perspective on the 1980s film industry".[18]

Next, Naseeruddin Shah was cast as an ageing South Indian superstar with "hideous wigs, dark glasses and painted-on mustaches". He performed a "fast dance number" in the film, a full 22 years after he last did it in the song "Tirchi Topiwale" from Tridev (1989).[24] Regarding his character, Ekta Kapoor stated, "This role requires him to play to the gallery, provoke claps, laughs, and whistles and I know he can pull it off because Naseer is the Shah of all actors." Luthria added, "Expect a man who unabashedly enjoys the flesh of women".[25]

As a part of the film promotion, actors Vidya Balan, Tusshar Kapoor and Emraan Hashmi made appearances on the popular TV show Bigg Boss aired on Colors on 26 November 2011. Balan also entered the house to spend some time with the housemates and present a red sari to Sunny Leone, as a present.[37] On 27 November 2011, Balan and Hashmi made guest appearances on a special episode of the TV series Bade Achhe Lagte Hain. Balan shook leg to the song, "Ooh La La" with Saakshi Tanwar, the female lead actress of the show.[38]

This tactic ended up being an excellent way for the actors to get to know each other and create a more relaxed atmosphere. It also led to a lot of improvising by the cast while the cameras were rolling, which was encouraged.

In the 2012 movie Crazy, Stupid, Love with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the two actors reference the movie and give the lift a go. During the scene, Gosling admits to Stone's character that he gets women to do the move with him as a ploy to get them into bed.

Two stars of the 1968 film adaptation of "Romeo & Juliet" have sued Paramount Pictures for more than $500 million over a nude scene the actors shot when they were teenagers, according to a copy obtained by CNBC.

According to the filing, Zeffirelli, who died in 2019, initially told the actors that they would wear flesh-colored undergarments in the bedroom scene in which Whiting's bare buttocks and Hussey's bare breasts are briefly shown. However, when the scene was shot in the final days of filming, the actors were told they would wear only body makeup and that the camera would be positioned in a way that would not show nudity, according to the suit.

The actors said they "believed they had no choice but to act in the nude in body makeup as demanded" and allege the scene was in violation of California and federal laws against indecency and the exploitation of children.

Solomon Gresen, the actors' attorney, said they're seeking punitive damages of $100 million, but are possibly entitled to damages of more than $500 million to match the amount the film has earned since 1968.

From Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver to Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon, are films that used teen actors for sexual roles heading for a reckoning? As Paramount is sued over Romeo and Juliet, we look at the scenes cinema and TV might want to forget

Naseeruddin Shah played one of the complex characters of a prolific ghazal singer who has come from the neighboring country to perform in India and makes everybody his fan. The delicate nuances in his performance as a singer were overshadowed by his own transformation as a villain when he turns out to be a traitor. Few actors can manage to portray two very distinct personalities in one character.


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