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Conference rooms and training seminar rooms share some similarities, but they also have notable differences. If you are looking to rent a conference room or training seminar room for the day, it is crucial that you understand these differences so you can choose the best room to suit your needs. How many people you plan on meeting with and the purpose of the meeting are both factors that will determine which room is the best choice for your company or organization.


More intimate setting: Conference rooms are smaller than training seminar rooms and will hold up to six or seven people. The size and quality of a conference room is important because first impressions matter when it comes to meeting with clients.

A seminar is a meeting in which others are trained or educated in a particular topic. A training seminar room is where the group meets to carry out their training or education. While seminars are often referred to in academic terms, businesses can also have uses for seminars. CEOs can give training seminars to employees, or they can send employees to training seminars hosted by other businesses. Here are some key characteristics of training seminar rooms:

While both conference rooms and training rooms are used as places to meet with others, there are some significant differences between them. Before you rent a room, it is critical to understand these differences so you can select the best room to rent for your business or organization.

Description: This course allows new FSOs and security personnel the opportunity to learn and apply fundamental National Industrial Security Program (NISP) requirements in a collaborative environment. It also serves as a refresher on industrial security basics for experienced FSOs. Areas of focus include the DD 254, insider threat, reporting requirements, counterintelligence, security and contractor reviews, security training and briefings, and personnel security.

Target Audience: The target audience is Facility Security Officers at cleared DOD contractor facilities participating in the NISP. Secondary audiences include other contractor security personnel, DOD Industrial Security Specialists, and others working in the security environment such as Human Resources, Administrative Assistants, Program Managers, and Military Members exiting the various services.

Essentials of Facilities Management Training Seminar is a foundational development program for college union professionals and other facility administrators. This event, co-presented by ACUI: Association of College Unions International and APPA, will take place from June 17-20, 2019 at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. The program is designed for professionals who are new to facility management or are transitioning into responsibilities of overseeing facilities.

SDSC's conference facilities include conference rooms, a synthesis center, a computer training lab, and a 200-seat auditorium which can be configured into smaller spaces for gatherings, both large and small.

Use Adobe Connect Seminars to create a special type of meeting. Seminars bring attendees to a meeting room on a specific day between set start and end times. The seminar exists only for that time. (By contrast, the meeting room in which the seminar occurs exists before, during, and after the seminar).

Unlike a meeting, which normally has a small number of participants and can recur, a seminar can have up to 1500 participants, is often a one-time or infrequent event, and involves little audience participation. At least one seminar presenter or host must be in the room in order for others to enter, even if the seminar is public. The default seminar room looks different from the default meeting room. Also, seminars can be created only in a Seminars Rooms, whereas meetings can be created either in a shared folder or a user folder.

Adobe Connect administrators can change pod, sharing, andother settings to adhere to standards for governance. These settingsaffect the layout of seminar rooms and what you can do in seminarrooms. For more information, see Working withcompliance and control settings.

A seminar that allows more than 600 participants is considered a Large Seminar. A seminar accommodating fewer than 600 participants is considered a Small Seminar. Only one large seminar can be scheduled during a given time period. Whereas, you can schedule multiple events using a single regular seminar.

The license you purchase is either for small seminars, run as regular meetings, or for large seminar, run as large meetings. A seminar session is created as large or small according to your license and is not based on the number of attendees.

In AdobeConnect, a seminar license is available in the tab Seminars >Shared Seminars. Each license that you purchase, appears as a folderin the Shared Seminars tab. To schedule a seminar, you create aninstance of a Shared Seminar basing it on a seminar room. Such differentinstances of Shared Seminars are called Seminar Sessions. Each sessionis a stand-alone webinar that participants attend.

If your organization purchased Seminars, it obtained a specific number of seminar licenses. The number of seminar attendees cannot exceed the number of concurrent users allowed for your license. Your Seminars administrator has information about how many licenses your organization purchased and how many concurrent seminars you can conduct at a time. If you think you need more licenses, let the administrator know early. The Seminar Calendar lists the schedule for all the seminar licenses that you possess. You can view your time slot to determine if a seminar license is available for the slot.

Attendancepermissions define attendee roles in a seminar, such as participant, presenter,and host. You assign these permissions when you create a seminar. TheSeminar Administrators can also modify them during the seminar andafter the seminar is over by editing the participant list.

Dependingon the type and purpose of a given seminar, the Seminar Administratormay want to have the guests register. If so, the host must haveAdobe Connect Events as part of the Adobe Connect Central application;registration for any meeting, training, presentation, or seminarcan only be done through the Event Management tab. If the host hasthis tab, they must first create the seminar from the Seminars tabusing the Seminar wizard. Then, they create an event and selectthe seminar they have created as the event.

Createor browse to a Shared Seminar in the Seminar library where you placeyour seminar (you must have permission to access the folder). Whenyou determine a location, click the New Seminar Session button toopen the wizard.

On the first page of the Seminar wizard, enter background details about the seminar, such as a name and summary, and select a template to use. (Only the seminar name and language are required; all other fields are optional.) You can edit this information after the seminar is created. You schedule various sessions using a single seminar room and reuse a seminar URL.

A Shared Seminar is a placeholder for all your future sessions. After creating a New Seminar Room, schedule the various instances of your seminar as Seminar Sessions. Your seminar URL remains the same as the base seminar room does not change. However, the schedule and the duration of a seminar can change with each session. Your seminar license determines the maximum number of participants.

Outside a scheduled seminar session, all participants are made to exit the session. Only ten participants are allowed in a seminar room, in the order: Session creator, Hosts in alphabetical order, and Presenters in alphabetical order.

Ifyour seminar is limited to invited guests only, the next step isto select the seminar participants. For a seminar limited to registeredguests and accepted users, you can select users and groups to beparticipants or presenters in your seminar. These users are ableto log in to the seminar directly. Uninvited users who have theURL to the seminar meeting room can attempt to log in as guests. Inthis case, as a host, you can grant admission to guests on an individualbasis.

The final step is to send participants email invitations containing the date, time, duration, and location of the seminar. Send invitations as you create the seminar, or create and send the invitations later.

Select an existing seminar session and click Duplicate Seminar Session. Specify the required details. To search for an existing seminar session, you can narrow down the results displayed using the date filter.

Note: Here, seminars rooms from Shared Seminar licenses are displayed with a Shared, prefix. If you have a Named Webinar Manager license, then the seminar rooms associated with this license are also displayed.

Your specific seminar sessions are created in advance before each session starts. The base URLs of the respective seminar rooms are used as the URLs of the sessions. The recording and the reports for each session are available when you open a completed session in Seminar Sessions tab.

When creating a seminar, if its schedule overlaps with an existing seminar, Adobe Connect does not allow you to create the seminar. To avoid the conflict, it suggests checking the seminar calendar and resolving the conflict. To check the seminar calendar:

A Seminar Session that continues beyond the scheduled timeis automatically extended twice, for 30 minutes each time. A SeminarSession is extended only if there is no overlap with another pre-scheduledsession. If a pre-scheduled session conflicts with the extensionof the currently running seminar, the current seminar ends in 10minutes. The Hosts receive an in-meeting notification that the currentsession cannot be extended and it ends in 10 minutes.

If a seminar runs beyond the scheduled duration, the seminaris automatically extended twice for 30 minutes each time. Thereafter,the Host is presented with an in-meeting notification to manuallyextend the seminar for 30 minutes at a time. The ongoing seminarsession is extended if there are no conflicts with a pre-scheduledseminar session. The Seminar Administrator is notified at each extension. 041b061a72


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