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Frank Titskey
Frank Titskey

Speed Racer Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download _VERIFIED_

Speed Racer, blockbuster number 2 for the summer, based off the popular animated 60's cartoon, the first real "Japanimation" series, we have the now live action film. What was supposed to also be a family film, this film just flops on. First I'll start on the positives: bright colors, exciting effects, and it felt like a cartoon, which is what it meant to bring. However, this movie was overly long, if it's supposed to be for kids, so don't make it into a 2 hour and 15 minute film. Like one of the ending scenes where Speed has all these flash backs of earlier scenes, we didn't need it. Some of the dialog, it was decent but again, could have been shortened. Also, I know that CGI is a thing that will never die, but it's not my cup of tea, because it just takes away something special. But the story does deliver on it's fast paced race scenes.Speed Racer has lived a fast paced life on the road, trying to live up to his "deceased" brother's world of racing. But all these sponsors are coming after him, but he wishes to stay in the family with his dad, mom, little brother, and Tricksey, his girlfriend. With the help of a mysterious Racer X, Speed wishes to beat the sponsors who threw things in his face and just make money off of him, and can just prove that he is the number one racer in the world.Speed Racer, for a summer blockbuster, it's a decent enough film, however it does have it's flaws here and there. Now the one thing I was impressed with is that not only did they make it feel like a cartoon, but it was over all pretty faithful the the original cartoon series, so you get a real feel of the original story. I just think it was a little too long and the CGI was a little too much, it was almost like why did they even need the actors? Everything was probably a green screen, so what's the point in making it with human actors? But this is a fun movie for the kids with the bright colors, it just could have been shorter, because the kids will probably loose attention with the film. But for the 10+ year old's, they'll definitely get into it.5/10

Speed Racer movie in tamil dubbed download


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