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Ethan Murphy
Ethan Murphy

Korkai Tamil Novel Pdf 11 ((TOP))

i dont know whether they were connected to the tamil kingdom of adiyar. the yavana or greeks and romans from the roman empire probably made their way into the land of the tamils through ports like karaikudi, nagercoil, tuticorin and coimbatore. if they did trade with them, then it would also be proved that there was a trade route from rome to the tamil land.

Korkai Tamil Novel Pdf 11

the ancient tamil kings were called aadiyar and the romans were called yavanar. they were considered as enemy of the tamils and the yavanar were considered as imperialists. the tamils however, were very friendly to them and it was said that the tamils were traders, they had greek and roman coins and had hindu and buddhist temples. they also had good relations with the chinese. they had trade relationships with them. this can be proved from the 2nd century puranaanooru.

the history of trade in tamil nadu is traced to the period of the yavanar (yavana). the yavana were a group of people of the greek origin who had invaded the territory of the tamils. they were also known as "kepaatta" (basket-makers) in tamil.

the yavanar were hindus who had invaded the tamil country. the tamils had earlier adopted the tamil language from them. it is said that the word "yavana" came from the tamil word "yavan". it means "foreigner". the word "yavanar" was coined by the tamils as they were still considered as foreigners in their own land. the yavanar came to the tamil country in the first century ad. the first reference to the yavanar is found in the tamil inscription on the stone pillar from the pallava period of history. the yavanar were a people of the greek origin. the yavanar were the barbarians who invaded the tamil country in the first century ad.


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