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Ethan Murphy

How to Fix Software Issues on Your Acer Computer with a Recovery Disk

select the desired files by clicking the ok button and then click recover again. your recovered data will be displayed in the main window as a new table. select which files you would like to save and click ok. this will save the recovered data to the selected location. you can also click the open button to view a preview of the files on the disk. this will display the files in the "favorites" window.

acer recovery disk download windows 7


if you are not able to recover the files due to file system corruption, please try the other recovery options in recoverit data recovery. the free version of recoverit data recovery will give you a limited search function that will only recover files located on a particular partition or the whole disk. however, the paid version includes additional recovery functions that can recover lost files from a variety of other situations.

in the event that you are not satisfied with the results, or simply want to try again, you can make changes to your recovery settings by clicking settings on the toolbar. this will open the settings window that allows you to select one of the following recovery functions:

system restore - to restore all the changes made to your windows 8 system, this is the best option. this will restore the acer aspire r7 to the date and time it was originally installed on the system. you can also choose to restore the original windows 8 type and edition, or return the acer aspire r7 back to its original factory specifications.

partition recovery - if you are not able to recover the lost data from the whole disk, you can try this option. select this if the previous options failed to recover the lost data from a particular partition.


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