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Michael Jackson Human Nature (Demo) Mp3

It was originally written by keyboardist Steve Porcaro, based on a conversation he had with his young daughter Heather after a boy pushed her at school, Porcaro said "he probably likes you and it's human nature". Porcaro, along with some of his bandmates from the band Toto, had been assisting with the production of Thriller, but he had not intended for "Human Nature" to be used by Jackson. However, Thriller producer Quincy Jones inadvertently heard a demo version of the track and thought it would be a great fit for the album. Jones then brought in songwriter John Bettis to rewrite the verses, whose lyrics are about a passerby in New York City.[7]

Michael Jackson Human Nature (Demo) mp3

The first version of "Human Nature" was written and composed by Steve Porcaro of Toto.[9] He wrote the song when his first-grade daughter came home crying after a boy pushed her off the slide. He blurted out three reasons for the incident to comfort her: the boy liked her, people can be strange, and it's "human nature".[10] He recorded a rough demo of the song in their studio while the Toto song "Africa" was being mixed.[7] Fellow Toto keyboardist David Paich added some synthesizer strings on top of the demo. Originally, the song was offered to Toto but they passed on it as they preferred stadium rock-oriented material.[11]

Yes, this song really isn't about sex; it's about wanderlust and being in love with the City, especially when it takes on a life of its own at night. It's the CITY that calls to him after dark with "sweet seducing sighs," beckoning him out to the streets; away, perhaps, even from someone waiting for him at home. ("'Why, why does he do me that way?'") The sights, the smells, the sounds: he bathes his senses in the City. "That girl" he sees is just a small part of the night experience, not the point of it. It's The Street that he dreams of; not The Girl, or A Girl, or even The Game.Enough "love" songs/anthems have been written about the Big Apple--and plenty of other cities that have taken on a mystical quality for some of us (I'd probably write one about London)--showcasing similar feelings... but some people just wouldn't understand ("If THEY say 'Why? Why?' Tell 'em [THEM, plural] that is human nature...").

I think he's talking about different things. Maybe love, God, or the city.Obviously they all point to love=)"Hear her voice, shake my window, sweet seducing sighs"And the best part(in my opinion):"If they say Why, Why, tell 'em that its human nature, why ,why, does he do it(&me) that way?"Ok, so love is part of human nature...Why does God make it that way, why does God make him love like that?"See that girl,She knows I'm watching, She likes the way I stare" Speaks for itself. "I like livin' this way,I like lovin' this way" Also speaks for itself.And all the things he says about the city, town, walls, streets, also points to where maybe he wants to be free and experience the town/life.When it talks about strangers, maybe it means- meeting new people.:)

For me i think the song meanswhen people are always saying of him.the way he does like changing his body through bleaching surgery and body changing.that why he's telling them it is human nature.

uhhhmmm, i'm not sure if this is correct, but this is my opinion so....MJ here is talking about God on why he made things this way...Hence to why he kept telling its only human natureI know many of you might disagree but i think in my side this is the true meaning....

I agree with talon. I was about how he felt when he spent time in New York on his own when he did the wiz. he was saying it was human nature to want to enjoy everything New York had to offer when you are young and free to roam its streets.

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