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Cloud Gazing: Backupify

Two of the biggest trends of 2009, cloud computing and the proliferation of digital devices, have combined to present a dilemma for companies trying to protect and support their data across multiple platforms.

Cloud Gazing: Backupify

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Accordingly, the company took on the central concern of any company as it lets its data go off "into the cloud," and that is instituting the highest level of encryption available. "We use the only encryption technology certified by the U.S. government for "Top Secret" usage," Chung told me.

Listening to this, suddenly I realized what had to have been the symbolic cultural turning point in the switch from behind-the-firewall mentality of traditional computing, to the new willingness to allow data to be stored in the cloud.

These days, large organizations like Motorola, Kellogg, and the Los Angeles Unified School District, as well as media industry leaders like the BBC, are using Syncplicity to administer their data in the cloud. It's much cheaper, of course, but it also allows employees to share data via smartphones, desktops, laptops, notebooks, etc., thus responding to the digital device overload common in our work world, circa 2009.

"That is the key metric," says Chung. "How much data?" He adds that the company is already shepherding the equivalent of "50 to 60 Library of Congresses" through the cloud each month.

The development officer then resigned amid a cloud of ethics violations accusations, and the city nixed Lamar's billboard. The problem is that the company had already started building the thing and says that because the parts can't be used elsewhere it will cost Lamar "in excess of $1 million."So Lamar has appealed in court, arguing that because the city initially OK'd the board it should pick up the cost for changing its mind.

Yandex, Russia's biggest search company, today is making two key moves to ramp up Yandex.Disk, its foray into cloud storage services. Today, it is announcing that Samsung will preload Yandex.Disk on to its Series 5 range of Ultrabooks, starting in Russia. And on top of that Yandex is adding English-language support to the service -- an indication that Yandex is now setting its sights on taking Yandex.Disk international.The Samsung deal will see consumers who buy the new Ultrabooks before December 31 get access to 250GB of storage. (The Ultrabooks go on sale this week.) This is a big premium on the regular amount of free storage that Yandex.Disk has been offering users to-date: since the service first launched in April, Yandex has capped free storage at 10GB. read more..

We're hearing from a reliable source that OnLive's founder and CEO Steve Perlman finally decided to make an exit -- and in the process, is screwing the employees who helped build the company and brand. The cloud gaming company reportedly had several suitors over the last few years (perhaps including Microsoft) but Perlman reportedly held tight control over the company, apparently not wanting to sell or share any of OnLive's secret sauce.Our source tells us that the buyer wants all of OnLive's assets -- the intellectual property, branding, and likely patents -- but the plan is to keep the gaming company up and running. However, OnLive management cleaned house today, reportedly firing nearly the entire staff, and we hear it was done just to reduce the company's liability, thus reducing employee equity to practically zero. Yeah, it's a massive dick move. read more..


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