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Frank Titskey
Frank Titskey

Nuendo 6: The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Using the Professional Audio Post-Production Software

nuendo 12 offers new support for multiple (up to four) nuendo projects. the new multi-project system lets editors have multiple projects open at one time. the projects can be used simultaneously or sequentially, and editors can even use nuendo projects as a multitrack editor, with many of the same tools as in the normal multi-track editor. even better, the new multi-project system allows editors to make changes to a nuendo project, and update it in the background without having to close down the project.

Nuendo 6 Download Full Version

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nuendo 12 lets editors combine nuendo projects into nuendo groups for even more efficiency. groups are collections of nuendo projects that share the same state and parameters, allowing editors to quickly recall the state of a set of projects. this can be a great time-saver when working on a project that needs to be re-opened after being altered. for more details on nuendo groups, see the online documentation or the nuendo 12 manual.

nuendo comes with six effects plug-ins, a real-time effects plug-in and a vst plug-in. the plug-ins are quite capable, and a lot of work has gone into making sure that the ui is intuitive and easy to use.

nuendo has a drag & drop interface and lets you move effects, effects chains, audio tracks, audio tracks, audio tracks, and audio tracks between project modules. you can also add pre-composed compositions from other projects. there are three main windows: the mix window, which lets you manage all the project modules in the project, the effects window which lets you choose the parameters of all the effects, and the audio tracks window which lets you edit all the audio tracks in the project.


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