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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Ethan Murphy
Ethan Murphy

The Slender Thread ##TOP##

The latter part of the movie turns into a race against time as various attempts to locate Inga don't pay off and her voice on the slender thread of the phone line is starting to trail off. Ed Asner is one of the policemen trying to locate her. He discovers that she's in a large hotel packed with a rowdy convention, and nobody knows which room she's in.

The Slender Thread

Abandoned by their mother while they were still small children, the Mitchell sisters have always felt the pain of rejection. Their search for love and a sense of worth drives them apart by the time they are adults. But when their mother, now a famous actress, suffers an untimely death, the five reunite for the funeral. There, they begin to salvage frayed relationships, held together only by a slender thread.

On a happier note, there appears to be real momentum on the weekly jobless claims front, with new filings for benefits falling for the fifth straight week to the lowest point in more than a year, and with the four-week moving average dropping like a rock. But that's a slender thread upon which to hang, when faced with the scenario foretold by Hatzius. 041b061a72


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