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Download Sulemani Keeda Full Movie in HD and Laugh Out Loud

Sulemani Keeda Full Movie Download in HD: A Slacker Comedy Worth Watching

If you are looking for a free and legal way to download Sulemani Keeda full movie in HD, you have come to the right place. Sulemani Keeda is an independent slacker comedy film directed by Amit V Masurkar and produced by Tulsea Pictures in association with Mantra/Runaway Entertainment. It was first screened at the Mumbai Film Festival in 2013 and released in select theaters in 2014. The film is distributed by PVR Director's Rare and is also available on some streaming platforms. In this article, we will tell you what Sulemani Keeda is about, why you should watch it, and how to download it in HD for free.

Sulemani Keeda full movie download in hd

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What is Sulemani Keeda About?

Sulemani Keeda (Hindi street slang for "Pain in the Ass") is a story of two struggling writers who dream of shaking up the Bollywood film industry with their script. They face rejection from producers who refuse to read their script, they lurk around bookstores and poetry slams shamelessly hitting on girls, and they find some hope when they are hired by a drug-addled, cat-obsessed son of a famous B movie producer to write an art house film billed as "Tarkovsky with orgies" for his directorial debut. All seems well until one of them meets a beautiful photographer who makes him question his choice to sell out.

The Plot

The film follows Dulal and Mainak, two friends who share a dingy apartment in Mumbai and aspire to be screenwriters. They have written a script called Sulemani Keeda, which they believe is a masterpiece, but no one seems to be interested in it. They spend their days pitching their script to various producers, who either ignore them, insult them, or steal their ideas. They also try to impress women with their wit and charm, but often fail miserably.

One day, they meet Gonzo Kapoor, the son of Sweety Kapoor, a famous producer of low-budget horror films. Gonzo is a wannabe filmmaker who is obsessed with cats and drugs. He likes their script and offers them a job to write his debut film, which he describes as "Tarkovsky with orgies". He also promises them money, fame, and women. Dulal and Mainak are thrilled and agree to work with him.

However, things get complicated when Dulal meets Ruma, a photographer who works for a wildlife magazine. Dulal is smitten by her beauty and intelligence, and they start dating. Ruma encourages Dulal to pursue his passion and not compromise his artistic vision. She also tells him that she is leaving for South Africa soon for an assignment. Dulal realizes that he has fallen in love with her and wants to go with her.

Meanwhile, Mainak is frustrated by Gonzo's erratic behavior and demands. He feels that they are wasting their time and talent on a project that will never see the light of day. He also resents Dulal for neglecting their friendship and work for Ruma. He tries to convince Dulal to stay with him and finish the script, but Dulal is torn between his love and his career.

Will Dulal choose Ruma or Mainak? Will they ever finish their script? Will Gonzo make his film? Will Sulemani Keeda ever get made? These are some of the questions that the film answers in a humorous and heartfelt way. b70169992d


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