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Haj Tabet Video [WORK]

Prosecutors showed the court 118 videos of Tabet and his friends having sex with 518 women and girls over a period of three years. Tabet filmed the orgies with two remote-controlled video cameras hidden in his flat. One lawyer fainted while the videos were being screened and had to be taken to hospital.

Haj Tabet Video

In 1990, a woman and her girlfriend were reported to have filed a complaint for rape and kidnapping to local police in the Hay Mohammadi district of Casablanca against someone calling themselves "Hajj Hamid".[5][7][4] Police found inconsistencies in her story, the women admitted that they were not kidnapped.[5] "Hajj Hamid" allegedly told the women that the act was videotaped and promised to give them a copy by Eid al-Fitr.[7] "Hajj Hamid" was quickly identified as Mustapha Tabet by policemen, however, it was discovered Tabet were the investigating officer's supervisors.[5] Police officers tried to convince the women to drop charges to no avail.[5] The women filed another complaint to a different police station, only for the complaint to get ignored.[5][4]

In August 1992, a Moroccan student in Milan recognized his sister while watching a pornographic video cassette with his friends.[4][5] The student went back to Casablanca the next day in search of answers, after confronting his family with the tape, he found out that the sister met someone calling themselves Hajj in 1991.[4] Afterwards, the student found where Hajj lived, he ended up going to Hajj's apartment to meet his sister, after spotting his sister entering the house, he was quickly arrested and arbitrarily detained.[4] The student was freed the next day, he rented a new car and "kidnapped" his sister while on his way to Hajj's house.[4][5] He filmed his sister's confession and version of the story and, as an Italian citizen, the student sent the videotape to the Italian embassy, who relayed it to the Prime Minister's office.[4][5] After Prime Minister Abdellatif Filali received a copy of the video, he relayed it to the king of Morocco, Hassan II.[4] Hassan, who was planning a police reform, ordered an immediate investigation, and a secret investigation cell was opened by the Royal Gendermerie.[4][5]

On February 2, 1993, the Royal Gendarmerie, without informing the police and without a warrant, decided to raid Tabet's house.[4] During the raid, they found and seized two remote control video cameras, two microphones hidden under the bed, identity cards of women, cocaine,[8] 118 video tapes featuring victims having intercourse with Tabet, sometimes with other men, and a list consisting of the names and addresses of dozens of women on Tabet's computer.[2][9][10][11][12]

At his trial, he admitted to the authenticity of the tapes, claimed that he had intercourse with up to 1,500 women and that at least 10 of the city's supervisors and other senior police officers had aided in destroying evidence, despite this, Tabet argued that the victims were either willing participants or prostitutes.[3][19][12] All 118 tapes that were found at the raid were screened at the courtroom except for the "32" tape.[12] During a 6-hour long screening of one of the videos, a lawyer fainted and had to be taken to a hospital.[12][20]


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