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Oh, The Weather Outside Is…Not So Frightful ((INSTALL))

Spending millions of dollars to advertise in the Super Bowl isn't the only way to get your brand noticed. Sam Stark, Executive Vice President at 160over90, examines how some companies have embraced life outside of the big game to gain more than a little attention.

Oh, The Weather Outside Is…Not So Frightful

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When this issue comes up in the context of employees refusing to drive to work, an employee can be fired for not getting to work in bad weather unless the employer has agreed that the weather is too bad for employees to attempt to drive to work.

When bad weather is coming, address all your policies again, remind employees of communication channels to address attendance and plan for the worst potential outcome to ensure your company is prepared for the weather.

Our fellow blogger and #WorklawNetwork colleague, #JeffNowak, offers some similar advice and more on deterring weather-related leave abuse under the Family and Medical Leave Act that we highly recommend. Check out his tips here.

If you're prepared, the winter months can provide very pleasant running weather, as there is something very peaceful and satisfying getting a run in while most everyone else is curled under blankets.

"These milder days are an ideal time to take some simple steps to keep the cold air outside where it belongs," said Robbin Jeter, Entergy Mississippi vice president of customer service. "Something as easy as sealing leaks around your doors or windows can go a long way towards making your home energy efficient."

As I am currently enjoying the weather, and gaze out at the fall colours, I am ready for the onslaught of little children dressed up as the most popular icons of the day. Orange and black are the colours of choice for right now.

I have actually seen a Christmas tree, lit and decorated in a neighbourhood window. As I am shaking my head, my competitive mind went into combat mode. Where did I put all my festive décor? Where is the big bow I made for the top of the tree, the giant decorations I use outside and the lights that I painstakingly reviewed last year and threw out if they no longer worked.I shake myself back to reality. It is only October after all. Still I feel a little panic-stricken.

This is a place where they know how to party. A large outside area has tables that are specially reinforced, so you can dance on them, which they encourage strongly. Regretfully, I felt I should decline, on the grounds that my table-dancing was not at its best when wearing ski boots.

But then the weather closed in again, and we skied down to the vin chaud in the valley. All of which explains why I spent several days in the Alps, and mostly came back with pictures of people standing on tables!

This sounds so nice when you have a cozy place where you can watch the snow, covered with a blanket. Even more so if there is central heating in the building and you can just be as naked as you want. Not all people have this luxury. For them, the frightful weather outside is a sign of another horrible night and possibly death. What a cheerful thought right before Christmas, right? Well, Christmas is not all glee and fun, especially for the ones who can't afford it. For them, "baby, it's cold outside" is not a cheezy Dean Martin song that makes you wish you were a camel living in Alaska. For the less-fortunate, "baby, it's cold outside" is a severe warning that if you open the door or the window, the cold will instantly come inside as well.

Woody: So that's February 21st. Go to the events page, [00:28:00] and you'll see all the other things we're doing, including the library talks on the,

Colder winter weather means producers need to be aware of increased livestock energy requirements to ensure their animals are able to withstand harsh conditions outdoors, said Rory Lewandowski, an Ohio State University Extension agriculture and natural resources educator.

Since El Nino is not the factor that affects the climate, none of the relationships discussed here occur every time. What El Nino does enable us to do is to issue outlooks that favor either wetter or drier, warmer or cooler weather, than average over certain regions of the country during certain seasons. These outlooks also say nothing about the specific variabiltiy of the weather during the season, so you're correct in that we're not able to say anything about a particular storm. That would be a weather forecast and at this time, meteorologists are able to skillfully (not perfectly) forecast the weather out to to about 7 days.

Links between severe weather and El Nino are not well defined. There does appear to be a tendency for El Nino to be associated with enhanced severe weather during the winter months in the Southeast and Florida.

Wildermuth was born and raised in a working-class area of Lima, a city whose population is now about 35,000. He went to college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and then came back home. He now lives with his wife just outside of the Lima city limits in Shawnee Township, which is where most of the solar project would be located.

Can't blame the weather for the three homicides that started off the new year here in Columbus, after a record 143 people were slain in 2017. The first victims of 2018 included a pregnant woman due in February.

"Oh, Marion, do not cry. Remember what you are--and what he is!"she added fiercely. But the fierceness died. Soon she was cryingtoo, because she could not bear to cry. Their sobs were audibleoutside, for Mrs. Cameron had forgotten to shut the door; a sloppyservant came and stared into the room. It had not been "done" yet,and the girl's face grew sulky--now they'd stop her doing it, andshe was to get out so soon as she had finished upstairs.

"You and Dr. Ferguson exaggerated it too, then. I often heardyou both; I was able to get out of bed, you know. I always thoughtyou should have taken him down to the drawing-room instead ofwhispering outside my door, but it didn't seem to occur to you, andas it was convenient to me, I said nothing... Well, mother, if Ican't believe in your wisdom any more, I can believe in your pluck.It's just as good; I don't know that it isn't better. But I hopeyou didn't tell anyone besides the doctor that I was in love withMr. Bergsma."

As she drove to Dr. Ferguson's, Mrs. Wynne reflected on histheory. It, like K the biscuit-plate, would have to be kept dark!Even in her grief, she smiled at a quick thought. The FreudianWish--and the Bergsma visiting-card... but such ironic fellowshipswould be the very core, no doubt, of speculations in this kind. Wasit another Wish that put the silly strip of pasteboard in itshalfpenny envelope? And had Marion had one too--did she "wish"Bergsma to know what had been done? For, without the card, shewould have had her separate room; those words would not havesounded: "I've never left you alone for a single instant, and Inever intend to..." Never alone from Mrs. Cameron, ridden by theFreudian Wish! A new burden had been bound upon humanity, if thatfrightful theory were true.

I summited Elbrus on an 8-day tour with Pilgrim Tours, a company that I would highly recommend to all who are looking for an operator on this peak. The hotel in Terskol was excellent, the food was pretty good, and the portions were more than enough.Before going to Elbrus I attempted Mont Blanc with my friend to acclimatize but did not manage to get past the Grand Couloir due to rockfall. Afterward we went to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, arriving in Mineralnye Vody on Friday (August 14) at noon.After a 4 hour drive from the airport, via Pyatigorsk and Baksan we made it to Terskol. If driving solo there are a lot of police pulling over people and checking papers at checkpoints. The driver seemed to know all the cops though so it was no issue.Saturday: Took the chairlift from Terskol up to about 3000 m on Cheget, and hiked an hour to 3500 m. A very easy day.Sunday: Move bags to Barrels huts, hiked to Pashtuhov Rocks but had to turn back because a storm was coming in. Later we heard that some Polish climbers were lost in the storm. Stayed in the huts, which was not very comfortable. If I were to climb Elbrus again I could bring a thermarest to use in the huts.Monday: Because we did not get to 4700 m (the top of Pashtuhov Rocks) the previous day, we hiked up to the lower part of the rocks at 4500 and turned back. Got some rest before summit day.Tuesday: Got up at midnight, breakfast at 12:50, and took the snowcat to 4700 m at 2 am (it cost 600 euros for the group of 15 people). Our group voted to take the snowcat because the afternoon was supposed to be stormy. The snowcat had no cab, so we sat outside and it was cold except for the hot diesel fumes that blew all over us.At 2:30 we got to 4700 m and began the ascent. It wasn't as cold as I'd expected, maybe -10 C and -20 C windchill. My water bottles in my pack (stored upside down in my spare layer) did not freeze at all. The guides said it was very cold so it might be colder than usual here, I'm not sure. The wind picked up at 4 am, up to perhaps 50 kph and gusts a bit higher, but settled down to 40 or so for the rest of the day, with higher gusts on the summit. I confirmed these numbers with the weather report after the ascent.The route was very busy, and we were constantly passing people going both up and down. By 7 am we reached the saddle (5300 m), with a surprising amount of elevation loss.The next section to the fixed ropes was very steep and slow going. By this point I was feeling the altitude but was close enough that I was determined to summit. We reached the fixed lines that can be seen from the saddle, and after 300 m were on the summit plateau. There were so many people on the fixed lines with only a carabiner that a fall would have pulled 10 or so people onto a single anchor. It didn't seem very safe. A jumar or tibloc would probably be a better tool, but it wasn't even that difficult to warrant any equipment.20 minutes later we were on the summit, got the summit pics, and descended after 15 minutes. As I began feeling better about being at a lower altitude I felt a dehydration headache coming on.We descended to the Pashtuhov Rocks, and a couple members of the group voted to take a snowcat down so we took it. It cost 2000 rub per person. A solo climber could also take a snowmobile down the mountain for 2000-4000 rub. A bunch of them were waiting for climbers at the rocks.At the huts we had the choice to stay the night there or descend to Terskol. We chose to descend but the upper chairlift was broken from the lightning storm a couple nights ago. But the guide got a lorry to take us down to the middle station for 300 rub each.All in all, a good ascent. With the snowcat it was not too tough, and I was surprised how easily we did it considering our acclimatization.


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