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Buy Military Disney Tickets Online

Hi Steve,I have had problems with adding the military salute tickets to MDE because the tickets do not have number/letter codes, just a bar code. I solved this problem by using a bar code reader app on my phone. When it reads the bar code it gave me the numbers and letter I needed to link my tickets.

buy military disney tickets online


Yes Disney originally said the tickets would not be available until 25 Aug. They have done everything they can do to speed the process. Now it is up to the military contracted ticket distributor and the individual Ticket Offices. One actually said they wont sell the new ones till the old ones are expired even if they have them.

The Regular Military Discounted Magic Your Way tickets can be used without his ever going, but these are much less savings. See: -military-discounts/regular-disney-military-discount-for-walt-disney-world-and-disneyland-tickets/

My daughter is retired military and her and I are planning on taking her daughter to Disney World. Can you tell me if we can order the Discounted Military Disney World tickets over the phone? We live in North Carolina and my granddaughter is 8 months old. My daughter is unable to drive to a base to purchase the tickets and we would like to have them in hand before we head to Disney World. Can you provide a phone number we can call to order our tickets and have them mailed to us?

First of all thanks for all the info. Unfortunately for you I remain a little confused. If I call SOG and order two of the allotted six Armed Forces Salute tickets and have them sent to me will they be activated or not? It sounds like AFS require activation but the normally discounted military tickets do not when purchased from SOG.

In a bit of dilemma and not sure what to do. Between 4 military members we purchased 24 salute disneyworld tickets. 3 of the members are no longer able to go on the trip. Will I be able to activate all those tickets on my military ID?

You have taken a major headache out of trying to purchase these tickets for my family that is a mix of active duty both Army & Navy, grandchild, one non-military affiliated grown child, pending deployments and what to do about that, and every other crazy thing this military life can throw at us,

Hi! Last year I purchased 5 armed forces salute tickets from Shades of Green. I will be using 2 of the tickets in June but three of my family members are unable to go. Would there be an issue if I gave three of the tickets to another active duty military family who would use the tickets at a different time? Also, the tickets I received from Shades of Green are plastic. Do I need to stop by guest relations first or do I go directly to the park entrance and scan my ticket. Thank you

We are a blended family of 11. we have two military members who will be purchasing Salute tickets for the family in advance. However, 2 of the 11 will not be traveling with us in August, but rather on their own a few weeks later due to scheduling conflicts.How will that affect us once we get to the parks in August?Will the 4 additional tickets not be valid unless that second military person is not with us?Does the whole family have to travel together to make sure all 11 tickets are active?

I purchased long distance Salute tickets from Patrick AFB last year and again this year. This year instead of waiting the 2-3 days for FedEx, the ITT office enters the online order into WDW and WDW directly emails you with the activated ticket info/numbers. Therefore, you can link your tickets the same day as your order instead of waiting for the FedEx. You still get the hard card tickets by FedEx a few days later.

There are other qualifiers that he may have however, like a service connected disability or other things. See: this post: -military-discounts/disney-discounts-and-the-john-mccain-defense-authorization-act/

Here is another sad story. A large multi-family military party arrived in Orlando and made a supply stop at a local store on their way to WDW. While inside their rental car was broken into and some of the luggage was stolen, including the bags with their tickets. One family was able to get their Base Ticket Office to fax a copy of the receipt and had their tickets replaced, the other family was not so lucky and had to buy new tickets.

I know there is a limit of six Armed Forces Salute tickets per military member. Is this per visit or for the entire year? i.e. Can I go to Disneyland twice in 2018 and purchase six tickets each time? Thank you.

Can military member and spouse purchase 6 tickets each at different MWRs? Will the different MWRs know that military member has already bought 6 tickets? And can each of us activate the tickets at Disneyland? (My husband activates the 6 and I activate the other 6 tickets). These tickets are for extended family.

For tickets beyond 6 you will need consider the use of the Regular Military Discounted Disney Tickets. See: -military-discounts/regular-disney-military-discount-for-walt-disney-world-and-disneyland-tickets/

What ID is needed to receive the regular military discount tickets (not Armed Forces Salute)? Will a veteran ID card work for these tickets? I read that you are unable to receive the Armed Forces Salute tickets.

I am the retired military member. Planned a family trip for Oct 2020 bought the Salute tickets via Shades of Green already (6). Two members of the family are no longer able to go in Oct but will be going in March. My question is will they be able to use the Salute tickets I had bought for them for use in Oct (before I even use mine) or will they need to buy new tickets ?

This is for the Salute tickets! The Regular Military Discounted Disneyland Tickets must be purchased at a military reseller, like Pendleton, but it has nothing to do with IDs, rather how they but the tickets and their contract with Disney.

I purchased Disneyland military salute tickets in Feb 2020 just before the pandemic forced cancellation of our plans. I understand that they extended the 2020Tickets to December 21, 2021 but I am unable to go before they expire.

For the 2023 Armed Forces Salute offer at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, military personnel can choose between a 3-day and 4-day Disney Military Promotional Park Hopper Ticket. Purchase the tickets through December 11, 2023 and receive admission for three days for $245 or four days for $280 for usage through December 15, 2023.

Another option for lodging is Shades of Green, an Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC) in Orlando, Florida. It is a military-owned resort located within Walt Disney World that offers affordable military room rates and discounted tickets for all Disney World venues.

The service member or the spouse must buy the tickets at their local MWR/ITT Travel Office. You might be able to buy them over the phone from Patrick AFB ITT, or Camp Pendleton ITT. This is a list of participating military travel offices.

American Forces Travel is the new Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program offering eligible patrons access to leisure travel online powered by Priceline and other travel industry leaders. This is the only official U.S. Joint Services' MWR online vacation travel site offering exclusive travel deals and benefits just for the military and government community.

American Forces Travel is the new Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program offering eligible patrons access to leisure travel online powered by Priceline and other travel industry leaders. This is the only official U.S. Join Services' MWR online vacation travel site offering exclusive travel deals and benefits just for the military and government community.

All regular Walt Disney World tickets, including Base, Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus tickets of 3 days or longer are $21.30 less (tax included) when purchased in advance directly from Disney online or over the phone (versus buying them at Walt Disney World ticket booths, guest services locations or Disney hotel desks). In our experience, Undercover Tourist typically has discounts that are significantly better; be sure to compare the final prices with tax before purchasing.

Disney has the right to check ID at the gate. Military personnel may bring in non-military guests with the military discount as long as they accompany the non-military person(s) and at least 50% of the group are qualified for the military discount (i.e., active duty, retired, DOD and dependents). If military personnel purchase tickets and give them as gifts to non-military users that they will not be accompanying, they risk having the recipient denied entry and the tickets confiscated.

DVC members can call Member Services or buy tickets or passes online on the regular ticketing page, as long as the member is logged into a Disney account that is linked to a DVC membership. For more details and links and instructions for linking your Disney account with your DVC membership, check the DVC Member website.

Leisure Travel Services on Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield allows you to book hotel-attraction reservations via military voucher program. You can even buy discounted theme-park tickets or book a cruise for a great deal!

Do you sell concert tickets, Professional Sporting Event tickets or event tickets?We do not carry the Jacksonville Jaguar NFL tickets. We may be able to get special military discounts for a few events; however most concerts and shows will only be available through the venue or Ticketmaster. Please check with us for any possible discounts..

Is my purchasing through the Leisure Travel Services Office really better for the military family?Purchasing through the leisure Travel Services Office ensures you have someone working to get you the best rate and all components of your purchases are accurate. Also all income from packages, tickets, etc. is returned to support your MWR Activities here at Fort Stewart/HAAF. Fun Runs, Movies under the Stars, Holiday Hayride etc. are all part of the MWR Events put on throughout the year for Military Families to enjoy. 041b061a72


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