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Magix Video Pro X2.5 Crack !!EXCLUSIVE!!

I have an audio track that I made with the microphone on my laptop (as I do not have a better one). When playing the audio outside Movie Edit Pro, or when previewing the video inside Movie Edit Pro the sound is fine. No cracking whatsoever.

magix video pro x2.5 crack

Now when exporting to Mpeg 4 I get a weird cracking sound that happens in unregular intervals, about every 10 seconds. It is really annoying and makes the video unusable. I also get the effect in different formats such as WMV, MPG. When exporting to AVI, the sound is fine (although the size of the video went from 13MB to 1.2GB). I have tried a different sample rate (44.100 or 48.000) and a different bitrate (128 and 160) and that does not make a difference.

The cracking sound is part of the video, as it can be heard on other computers as well (as you will notice when opening the attached video). It is not part of the .wav audio track though, which I created with Movie Edit Pro as well.

Sorry for necroing this thread but I have exactly---and I mean exactly---the same type of crackling sound.Yes, I've read the entire thread. No, there was no outside interference. The problem is with Nvidia Shadowplay. If I record with OBS, the sound is perfectly fine. However, in Shadowplay I've set the bitrate to 50Mbps (the default) while in OBS, I've set it to 25Mbps. (So the fact that OBS works perfectly well in the audio department with Magix points that it's not my environs or my electronics that's the problem.)The problem now is that lately, every time I open up OBS, it causes screen tearing (and yes, I've Vsync and Triple Buffering on; in-game and on the control panel and simultaneously---I've tried every combination) so now I'm left with just Shadowplay, which doesn't cause the odd tearing. Video now works fine. It's just the audio that's bothering me. Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus and Shadowplay do not seem to like each other.I'll lower the bitrate later and report here if whether the bug disappears.My specs:

I'm trying out exporting the audio file in Magix as an MP3 file and see if it does not come up with a messed up result.UPDATE: No luck. :( Cranked it up to 320. I still got the crackling sounds. I wonder if fiddling with these settings will fix it?

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you should check the humble bundle site now and again as they occasionally bundle a version of magix (no difference apart from which loops and instruments you can choose,) always bundled with samplitude and acid and a rotating collection of audio cleanup programs paid 15 dollars and ended up with over a grands worth of shizz mixcraft 8 just dropped in price Was a very reasonable 58 dollars. think you should perhaps stress to new user/creators that the gap between high end price tag (FL springs to mind) and freeware, near free and cheap DAWS is closing fast, with more thought needed on what you hope to create rather than high price means high quality.


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